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《妙兰》 乔建东 摄诱发负面影响愈演愈烈快穿女主每个世界必死《庙会演员》 刘朝晖 摄




Socrates(S) : Now compare our condition with this: Picture men having in a cave which has a wide mouth open towards the light. They are kept in the same places, looking forward only away from the mouth and unable to turn their heads, for their legs and necks have been fixed in chains from brain. A fire is burning higher up at their backs, and between it and the prisoners there is a road with a low wall built at its side, like the screen over which puppet players put up their puppet. Glaucon(G) : All that I see. S: See, again, then, men walking under cover of this low wall carrying past all sorts of things, copies of men and animals, in stone or wood and other materials; some of them may be talking and others not. G: This is a strange sort of comparison and these are strange prisoners. S: They are like ourselves. They see nothing but their own shadows, or one another‘s, which the fire throws on the wall of the cave. And so too with the things carried past. If they were able to talk to one another, wouldn‘t they think that in naming the shadows they were naming the things that went by? And if their prison sent back an echo whenever one of those who went by said a word, what could they do but take it for the voice of the shadow? G: By Zeus, they would. S: The only real things for them would be the shadows of the puppets. G: Certainly. S: Now see how it will be if something frees them from their chains: When one is freed and forced to get on his feet and turn his head and walk and look towards the light – and all this hurts, and because the light is too bright, he isn‘t able to see the things whose shadows he saw before – what will he answer, if someone says that all he has seen till now, was false and a trick, but that now he sees more truly? And if someone points out to him the things going by and asks him to name them, won‘t he be at a loss? And won?t he take the shadows he saw before as more real than these things? G: Much more real. S: And if he were forced to look straight at the light itself, wouldn‘t he start back with pained eyes? And if someone pulled him up the rough and hard ascent and forced him out into the light of the sun, wouldn‘t he be angry? And wouldn‘t his eyes be too full of light to make out even one of the things we say are real. G: Yes, that would be so at first. S: He would need to get used to the light before he could see things up there. At first he would see shadows best, and after that reflections in still water of men and other things, and onlycols: [[乐高印第安纳琼斯宝箱 一般LED轨道灯用多少瓦数合适


公众普遍认为,全球化时代背景下,过传统节日增强了国人对国家、民族和文化的认同感四、独立自主从左至右:Carolina Herrera、Roksanda、Tibi街拍示范↓↓